Re: PPP bug?

Subject: Re: PPP bug?
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 06:42:11 MDT

Yes, this is a known kernel bug in PowerPC Linux. I hear it's fixed in
2.2.12.. which I'm still trying to release (working with a kernel person
to fix one last thing)


> Ack! Bad Linux day for me. Thus I start my barrage of questions and
> comments. And probably end up regretting the use of the word "bug" since
> it ends up being somewhere between the brain and keyboard 99.8% of the
> time. Anyhow...
> I almost exclusively connect to the Internet through my LAN which has a
> cable modem connected gateway. However, I have been playing with PPP
> lately just so that it will be ready to go if my PowerBook and I need to
> be away from home. Working through the LAN, Netscape is no more buggy and
> unreliable than it is on any other platform and it has never seriously
> trashed my system. During the last couple weeks I have spent maybe a
> total of 40 minutes connected via PPP (internal PowerBook modem detected
> as cobalt) and have had Netscape hang the system three times; so badly
> that no key sequences would break me out and eventually the machine just
> rebooted on its own, seriously damaging my file system the last time.
> Similar comments regarding Netscape hangs under PPP have shown up on this
> list in the past, however I thought it might be meaningful that, at least
> in my case, it seems to be PPP/serial port related rather than just a
> general Netscape thing.
> My machine is a new PowerBook G3 333MHz with no upgrades or non-standard
> accessories. It was running a stock CS 1.1 distro with all of the
> package updates applied.
> Jim


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