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Subject: Re: spreading of Linux
From: Kevyn Shortell (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 14:42:06 MDT

OK here's my personal take, not Apple's.

You mean to tell me that a Game company that stands to profit from
the Macintosh platform, is too cheap to spend $1500 to buy a computer?

It sounds like a bunch of college students begging for free
hardware and upset that it's not handed to them on a silver
platter. Specifically the quote "Haven't received any hardware"
what just because you exist, and say your making a mac game, you
expect Apple to send you hardware for the hell of it??

Look at this for what it is, someone begging for attention.


> >
> >A great deal of our money to donate machines to developers. All of the
> >major developers have gotten machines, and we're branching out to new,
> >non-PPC developers. That's where a lot of the money goes. Buy
> >LinuxPPC, and you're sponsoring more than just a company. Is it worth it
> >to pay an extra $8 if it means we'll have machines working more quickly?
> >I think so. Because of our developer donation and sponsorship program,
> >we had working USB on the iMac almost instantly. That has payed off
> >immensely, as every machine Apple's released since then has had USB on
> >board.
>Speaking of giving machines to developers, anyone seen a recent article
>about PC Game developers spouting off about Apple relations?
>No doubt the full truth is a lot more complicated but still I am ashamed
>that Apple hasn't given willing developers build machines (I thought it was
>about developer unwillingness)....
>Naturally, you wouldn't waste your money giving machine to non-Linux
>developers, but these guys are trying for PPC so perhaps YDL (with some of
>its game accouncements) and LinuxPPC Inc could chat to some of these guys
>about sticking with PPC but going with a different platform? They sound
>like they need a good dose of evangelism right now...
>Dan has said that Linux on PPC will get many games before MacOS... that is
>cool. But things really begin to kick ass when we get simultaneous Wintel
>and Linux (all the platforms they can do) releases....
>What I am saying is that all of these named developers are worth machines
>if they look at Linux in some way ;)
> >Greater value to the user, greater value to the community. High-end
> >support available. 'nuff said.
>Hehe... that is why I plan to use Linux on my iMac rather than purchasing
>MacOS X.... ;)
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