Re: Xmares

Subject: Re: Xmares
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 16:36:54 MDT

Neil Jolly's bits of Fri, 8 Oct 1999 translated to:

> Sounds like something, possibly your /etc/XF86Config got corrupted during
> your original crash.
That was my first suspicion, but I keep backups of my /etc directory for
just such cases. At the time the problem started, the current XF86Config
file was identical to the backup.

> > before it started flaking out and there were two reboots between my last
> > change and the time it started working again. Things seem to be OK now,
> > but I would prefer not to spend another hour and a half cluelessly
> > rebooting if it happens again. During all of this, No Video Driver was
> > selected if that is of any significance.
> Jim: First make sure that the kernel you're using supports your video card.
<Snip lots of good information :)>
The kernel, XF86Config, video card, kernel parameters, etc. have all been
working fine (accept for known issues such as acceleration with the new
PowerBooks) since I installed the system a couple months ago. That is why
this was so frustrating. I KNOW I must have done "something", explicitly
or otherwise to create the problem, but it appeared that X just stopped
working correctly and later regained its sanity without my intervention
in either case. It is not really a major issue since things seem to be
working again. Just thought I would check to see if anyone had a clue about
what I might have done ;) so that I could file it away for future reference.


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