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Subject: Re: gcc
From: jim hopper (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 17:32:26 MDT

Ada and the egcs stuff will merge at gcc 3.0. i guess i will have to
build it with egcs after all and take my chances. i need to port our
radar sim to linuxppc that or let them get us an intel laptop for
demos ;-)

i have to build a cross compiler from intel linux to powerpc. i
guess i will have to go with egcs.

thanks jim

>GCC has never been real good on PPC.. 2.95.x marks the first pretty solid
>gcc compiler for PPC.. and of course it's based on egcs :)
> >
> > <snip>
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> > would it be silly to just download the gcc 2.8.1 source from
> > ( and build it yourself?
> >
> > -t
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