Re: PPPis not Pro

Subject: Re: PPPis not Pro
From: Roy Koch (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 17:48:08 MDT

Evan Read wrote:

> Roy Koch wrote:
> > Hi I am using Linux right now sending this message! My Question is a
> > simple one I think? I am using a root connection to use pppd and it
> > works fine but I really want to be a user to prevent doing something
> > that might mess up my root but when I try to connect as a user I get a
> > message "pppd is not properly installed with the pppd binary must be
> > installed with SUID bit set. contact your system administrator."
> > BTW I am a very new System administrator!
> As root, you can use the KDE file manager to set /usr/bin/pppd
> properties.
> If you right mouse click on the file (as root) and slect properties, then
> permissions, you have a bunch of check boxes. Check "Set UID" and the
> file can run as root, while you launch it as a user.
> Smart not wanting to be root all the time. Plus, most IRC servers won't
> let you on ;)
> Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.
> Ev.

thanks! I am user now!

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