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Subject: Re: Mach64 vs FBDev
From: Aaron Levitt (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 09:58:15 MDT

If FBDev isn't working for you.. you should try Xpmac. This is the
way I did it. I am on a G3/300 powerbook wallstreet II model. Also,
should you run into trouble with this or something else in the
future, I recommend looking through the mailing list archives. It is
a great great source for help. All of the below information was
retrieved from there (since I seem to have to tossed the original).
As far as I know, this will work with all G3 powerbook series.

YMMV (Your Model May Very), and all the other main disclaimers.

1. Get the latest XFree86-Xpmac rpm. I got it from a friend's linuxppc CD.
I'm sure it's available on the linuxppc ftp site, or even on the yellow dog
CD (I did an ftp install so I'm not sure). For demonstration purposes I
used XFree86-Xpmac- since that is what I used.

2. At this point switch to root if arent root already and install the rpm.
[root@yourhost]# rpm -ivh XFree86-Xpmac-

3. [root@yourhost]# cd /etc/X11

4. [root@yourhost /etc/X11]# ln -sf /usr/X11R6/bin/Xpmac X

5. you should double check to be sure you link is set properly (not really
needed.. but I like to be sure I didn't fat-finger something).
[root@yourhost /etc/X11]# ls -l X
your output should look like this:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root date time X -> /usr/X11R6/bin/Xpmac

6. That should do it. Now just start X. I was told to use 'startx --
-mach64' by a friend.. I do. And it works. I just created an alias in
my /etc/bashrc file to alias startx="startx -- -mach64".

One side note... the first time I ran X after switching to Xpmac everything
was REALLY slow. In fact, I thought netscape and crashed altogether. It
was just really slow. I just exited X, and then started it back up the
same way and it is awesome.

As for the 3-button emulation.. Opt-2 and Opt-3 become middle and right
click respectively in Xpmac. Also, you need to download and install

I hope this helps. I know it fixed all my X related issues.


At 10:04 AM -0600 10/9/99, frame took the
time to write:
> Hello,
> I have spent the past few days trying to install an updated, version of
> X.
> The issue I am encountering is that X seems to detect FBDev instead of
> Mach64.
> Now, 99 powerbooks have Mach64 cards I am told, so what is FBDev? should
> I use it (it crashes X all the time, hence why I am reinstalling) and
> how do I get linux to use the Mach64?
> Thanks
> Greg

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