Re: WordPerfect-8.0-8

Subject: Re: WordPerfect-8.0-8
From: Roy Koch (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 20:49:37 MDT

Thanks so much I am a newbe and thought that a program for Linux weather it
came from a PC installation disk or not would work on the version of Linux I am
running? I was thinking that is what makes Linux so great but I see that there
is more than one flavor of Linux!

"Andrew B. Arthur" wrote:

> > I tried to install WordPerfect and I got this message:
> > dependency problems
> > The following dependency problems occurred:
> > is needed by WordPerfect-8.0-8
> > do you want to ignore these problems?
> > (saying yes may make your system unstable)
> Well I don't know if it would make your system unstable, it would put lots
> of unwanted stuff on your hard drive you can't use. WordPerfect doesn't work
> with PowerPC Linux, you will note that system requirements are x86 Linux,
> Pentium or faster.
> No comment if / when they will port to PowerPC Linux. You may want to look
> into the Applixware Office suite, or one of the OpenSource word processors
> like AbiWord (which is still in extremely heavy development.)
> > is there any thing wrong with saying yes?
> You will just waste disk space.
> > Or should I find somewhere?
> You won't find it. PowerPC Linux-glibc 2.1 uses which is a link to
>, which is the library that allows you to use programs coded
> using the c programming language.
> However if there is a old PowerPC binary that requires or
> you should look for a newer version. If worst comes to worst
> you can always update them using fix961212, but it's a hack so it's not
> recommended for anything that you want to have any stability to at all.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Arthur a.k.a. AArthur
> AIM: arthur998

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