Re: WordPerfect-8.0-8

Subject: Re: WordPerfect-8.0-8
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 23:38:46 MDT

It is not actually the "flavor of Linux" that matters, but the hardware
platform Linux is running on. This is not a "Linux" thing, but just a
fact of life given current technology. Although not an absolute truth,
Linux packages for the x86 platform tend to run under most all x86 Linux
distributions, packages for the PowerPC platform tend to run under all
PPC distributions, etc. On the other hand, the Linux environment
has the strength of allowing software to be efficiently ported
from one hardware platform to another. So, if there is enough demand,
any package you might want to use will probably show up for your hardware
platform in the not too distant future.


Roy Koch's bits of Sat, 9 Oct 1999 translated to:

> Thanks so much I am a newbe and thought that a program for Linux weather it
> came from a PC installation disk or not would work on the version of Linux I am
> running? I was thinking that is what makes Linux so great but I see that there
> is more than one flavor of Linux!

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