Re: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!

Subject: Re: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!
From: Bernie Mentink (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 14:12:50 MDT

Hi Evan,

I coudn't do as you ask, because it complained that ppp was not installed in
the kernel. Coudn't install the module due to in-capatability between
kernel/module. The old "chicken & egg syndrome".
How did you get round this problem.


>From: Evan Read <>
>Subject: Re: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 8:12 PM

> I got the same thing...
> You can't email the vmlinux file back to yourself? It is huge, but at
> least gets you booting into it.
> One you get that sorted, you'll prolly find everything else works too..
>>Ok, I'm panicking now , have sent this message from the mac partition as
>>linux is no more.
>>I had a go at installing 2.2.12-2 to 'test' this experimental kernel (need
>>the printer support).
>>Well I installed it with rpm -Uvh kernel-2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm and I get an error
>>saying it cannot remove
>>"lib/modules/2.2.6-16bpmac" directory (not empty). Not to worry, can remove
>>that later.
>>So I go to copy the vmlinux file over to my exchange partition to get it
>>into my
>>mac system folder, well I find I cannot mount the partition ( ... kernel
>>doen't support "hfs" file
>>system??). Allright, I backtrack by trying to re-install my old kernel with
>>rpm -U --oldpackage.
>>However it can not find the old 2.2.6 files anywhere??? Where does rpm put
>>the old files
>>when it does an upgrade anyhow?? Locate coudn't find them (after updatedb of
>>Ok, so I thought I'd point rpm to the copy on the YD cd-rom drive, only to
>>find that I
>>cannot mount the drive. ( iso9660 not supported in this kernel!)
>>I guess to get my system up and running I need to get a copy of the
>>vmlinux-2.2.12-2etc file into
>>my system folder, I presume that is the main problem -- help please.
>>I used the "rpm -U" install option, as the README file had no mention of
>>using "rpm -I"
>>Can someone please tell me how to recover from this, without having to
>>re-install YD 2.2.6
>>all over again. I have a (two-week old) backup of most files in my exchange
>>partition, but I'd
>>have to re-install 2.2.6 to be able to use it.
>>Maybe someone can send me the vmlinux-2.2.12 file (if that is the problem).
>>Thanks in advance.
>> Bernie Mentink.
>> Christchurch, New Zealand.
>> email:
>> fax: 64-21-218-9791
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