Re: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!

Subject: Re: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 18:33:30 MDT

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Bernie Mentink wrote:

> Thanks Dan,
> I got the file ok, I guess I tried to access it too soon after you placed
> it, proberly accessed
> before you set permissions.
> Most of 2.2.12 is up-and-running, I got the mouse working with the
> suggestion you gave Evan Read,
> however the keyboard mapping is still wrong. I tried setting the map to
> "mac-us-ext" or "mac-us-std"
> type "adb" but the backslash/pipe symbol key acts as a backspace and the
> delete key doesn't act as a backspace anymore.

In both cases? Are you resetting the keytable (/etc/rc.d/init.d/keytable
restart) after you change between mac-us-ext and mac-us-std?

> Is the above suggestions valid for a non-us iMac?
> In the past the mapping that has worked was type "usb" and the "usb-us"
> keymap, however like Evan this
> screwed up the whole mapping with 2.2.12. Any suggestions Dan?

No, it is no lonber "usb" and "usb-us". Now that USB is in the kernel, we
use one keymap for ADB and USB keyboards.

> Also, the USB messages have changed. The HP Deskjet printer is no longer
> reckognised ( in name) and I get a huge printout.
> I will post the printout at the end of this message.

Can you access your printer now?


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