PCI problems under 2.2.12

Subject: PCI problems under 2.2.12
From: Todd Masco (cactus@hks.net)
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 06:55:36 MDT

This is more an FYI than anything else:

I got my TurboMAX PCI card working under 2.2.12-2, with the following
caveat. When the card was in my 5th slot, the kernel saw the device but
when it tried to interact with the partitions it would hang and
eventually report "Lost Interrupt", retrying until it seemed to give up.
 The device would then appear to exist. That would happen both on boot
and when running pdisk.

Moving the card to the first slot seems to have solved the problem.

One other problem seems to be that the CS 1.1 mke2fs won't let a
partition start more than (about, I'm guessing) 8GB into the disk,
though it seems okay with partitions that are themselves larger than 8GB.

        -- Todd Masco
           Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc.

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