Re: Champion Server 1.1 IMG/ISO

Subject: Re: Champion Server 1.1 IMG/ISO
From: Ted (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 14:39:35 MDT

I actually downloaded the image from the Yellowdog Server and was able to
burn a CD. I was using a Macintosh with Toast 3.5.7 so these will be a
little different.

Important Note!!! --- Do Not Attempt to Mount the .img file!!! This will
corrupt the image. (hey, always work with copies here.

Toast allows you to drag a Disc image onto it. Make sure you select 'disc
image' from the format menu. Then burn the CD. I don't have to many ideas
for Easy CD Creator. It is kinda suck imho. See if under the file menu it
will allow you to selct a Disc image to burn. It calls this a .cif file
though. If I have time I'll try to burn a copy with Creator and give some
more tips.


On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Michael Romano wrote:

> Hi all,
> I downloaded the CS1.1 .img file a while back and, after consulting older
> messages from the mailing list, tried changing the extension to .iso and
> burning a copy using Adaptec EZ CD Creator 3.5c. I got a coaster for my
> trouble. I was able to open the .img with WinImage, so I was relatively sure
> that the .img file had downloaded correctly, but for some reason, it didn't
> work. I deleted the .img file and am trying to download it again; however
> I'm getting 9.5Kbps from Linuxberg over a T1.
> Anybody
> 1) have any idea why the burn didn't go?
> 2) know where there's an ISO on server with decent available bandwidth?
> mike

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