building egcs

Subject: building egcs
From: jim hopper (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 15:57:40 MDT

i unpacked the SRPM file for the source to egcs. there are a bunch
of patch files iwth it and the source tar file. a couple questions

1. which patch files should be applied

2. when i configure egcs it choses target as
powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu this leads to bad exec prefix. do one of
the patch files fix this or do i need to do something with configure?

i built a cross compiler from the ada compiler using gcc 2.8.1 built
gnat1 (the compiler using this, then installed into the existing
egcs. so everything but ada is egcs, ada is built on top of gcc
2.8.1. this appears to work well as the ada compiler has its own set
of changes to gcc and they are not necessarily compatable with the
egcs changes. i will pass on ada compiler when i get it tested a

if anyone can help me with the 2 questions i would appreciate it.

thanks jim
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