Re: filesystem size vs. physical size

Subject: Re: filesystem size vs. physical size
From: Aurel Wisse (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 18:25:42 MDT

>From: Jim Cole <>
>Subject: Re: filesystem size vs. physical size
>Date: Mon, Oct 11, 1999, 6:41 PM
>>> I reformatted my 4GB hard disk.
>>> Partition 5 is HFS+ (is this the problem?)
>> This shouldn't be a problem, at least it wasn't on my machine.
>>> Partition 6 is HFS (with small system + BootX to boot into YDL)
>> I just put my kernel and BootX stuff on my first (HFS+) partition
>> and left a small second partition (HFS) for transferring files.
>>> Will the problems go away if I reformat hda and make all my partitions HFS?
>> I set up all of my partitions from the Mac side before starting the install.
>> This included 1 HFS+ partition for MacOS/boot files and 3 HFS partitions
>> (transfer, root, and swap). Then I just selected pre-existing partitions
>> during the install.
>Which kernel are you using? I thought that HFS+ was not yet supported. Is it
>just that an HFS+ (Extended format) partition cannot yet be mounted under
>I started by creating two HFS partitions with the Mac Drive Setup utility -
>4GB for MacOS/boot files and 2GB for Linux. Then using fdisk during the
>install, I created a root partition and a swap partition with the 2GB HFS
>partition. But using HFS for the 4GB Mac partition is very inefficient and I
>would much rather use HFS+. Would I be able to use HFS+ for the 4GB Mac
>partition and BootX?
>I am assuming that you use the HFS transfer partition to transfer files
>between MacOS and Linux. Is this right? If I use an HFS+ partition for my
>MacOS then would I need a small HFS partition for file transfer?
Yes Chris, it is possible. I have a 2.5GB HFS+ partition for my Mac needs
and a 512MB HFS partition with BootX to transfer files between Linux and
Mac *and* in order to boot into Linux. The HFS partition must be bootable
and contain at least the Control Panel "Startup Disk" in addition to BootX.
For booting alone it could be a lot smaller, like 100MB.


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