Re: Repartitioning

Subject: Re: Repartitioning
From: Evan Read (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 01:56:18 MDT

>This should be an easy one for you seasoned professionals out there:
>I have two 2GB partitions on a drive. The second one has YDL on it. The
>first one is empty, but is HFS+ formatted. I don't need that space for
>anything, and would just like it to use as storage for large files through
>linux. Is there a way to recreate that partition so that I can use it in
>linux? Can I just write to it now? (I mean, I CAN mount it, I just can't
>see anything because it is HFS+.) Any help would be appreciated.
>* Phil Kirschner *
>* *

You can't reformat it with ext2fs on it?

If it is empty and you need to use it later, reformat it back to HFS+.

Evan Read

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