Re: High Pitched Squeal from G3 PB Flat Panel

Subject: Re: High Pitched Squeal from G3 PB Flat Panel
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 10:04:19 MDT

This is not a Linux thing. See This is a known issue with
the '99 PBs.

> Good Morning All:
> Riding into work on the train this morning with my '99 G3 powerbook
> with YDL, Igot a complaint from the fellow sitting next to me that
> my laptop was emitting a very high pitched whine. I had difficulty
> hearing it at the time but since I arrived at my desk at work I can
> hear it quite clearly. I just installed YDL yesterday.
> The panel emits no sound while the mac OS stuff is up but
> the moment it goes into linux frame buff mode, it starts. This
> is going to drive folks (including myself) crazy - both at work
> and on the train. This will make it impossible for me to use YDL
> on this machine.
> Does anyone know of a cure for this ailment? Different
> XF86Config monitor settings? Different X server?
> Thanks!
> Rob


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