Re: High Pitched Squeal from G3 PB Flat Panel

Subject: Re: High Pitched Squeal from G3 PB Flat Panel
From: Myles Vredenburg (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 16:37:06 MDT

"Andrew B. Arthur" wrote:
> >> FWIW, my 7600 emits the same annoying sound, with and without the CPU
> >> heat sink grounding clip installed.
> If you are having a whine on a Macintosh (or any computer) with a CRT and
> get lots of static on AM radio when trying to listen to remote station, then
> most likely your monitor is set to a horizontal frequency 60 Hz. Besides an
> extremely painful whine, this frequency makes your monitor flicker, because
> it is refreshing so slowly. Over 70 hz should fix that problem. I run my
> Apple Vision 15 at 768x1024 at 75hz in Linux -- you might have another
> preference.
> Another place for interference (especially on AM radio again) is SCSI
> cables. They may be lose, have damaged shielding or really old.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Arthur a.k.a. AArthur
> AIM: arthur998

Nope. This is definitely coming from the CPU daughter card. Note that
this is an Apple-branded 604e 233 MHz upgrade. Anyone else notice this?


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