Re: YDL w/ISDN on Imac--Info?

Subject: Re: YDL w/ISDN on Imac--Info?
From: Ian B Jaillet (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 13:53:47 MDT

"Russ W. Urquhart" wrote:

> I'm new to the list, so if this has been asked or solved before, I apologize.
> My question is: My girlfriend is going to be able to access her work from home
> via an ISDN line. She wants to buy an imac and put Linux on it. My question is
> has anyone here done this, what hardware is needed or should we buy? I'm told
> YDL will support any ISDN modem connected via USB is this true and the best way
> to go?
> Thanks to all!
> Russ


I'm not familiar with attaching an ISDN "modem" to an imac via USB, but it
certainly can be done using the ethernet port. My configuration consists of a
series D imac connected to an old Dayna hub. Also connected to the hub is an
Ascend Pipeline 75 ISDN router/terminal adapter. The wide area network port of the
Pipeline plugs into my ISDN phone jack and, viola!, I have an ISDN connection that
is much faster than anybody's 56K modem.

The downside of the Pipeline 75 is the cost (around $375-$600) but there are less
expensive single connection devices that do the same thing, check around with some
of your local user groups or service providers.

The upside is that because the Pipeline is a router and supports something called
NAT you can attach multiple computers to a Pipeline and share the ISDN connection.
I have five different hosts attached to mine and it saves me a ton of money
compared to the single connection solution.


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