USB mouse under 2.2.12 kernal

Subject: USB mouse under 2.2.12 kernal
From: Evan Read (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 17:42:35 MDT

<Note, just resending this message into "general" in order to give it more
coverage (and with some important additions). This can't be too much of a
brain teaser for those in the know. Thanks>

Hey all,

The keymap working now with 2.2.12 and the latest vmlinux that Dan posted
to the ftp site (with lotsa nice modules).

Unfortuantely, under the console and X, the mouse doesn't seem to. The
only discussion I have seen recommended:

rm /dev/mouse

symlink /dev/mouse to /dev/usbmouse

check /dev/usbmouse symlinks to /dev/hidbp-mse-0.

I did that and everything looks ok. I also ran mouseconfig (version 4
something, came with experimental X version) but to change (set it to 1
button USB mouse and to emulate 3 buttons) .

Basically, the mouse rectangle doesn't come up when I move it in the
console. The keyboard works fine.

In X, the mouse doesn't move (and can't tell if picks up mouse clicks).
Strangely, I can't "three finger salute" (CONTROL-COMMAND-DELETE) to kill
X. Nothing seems to kill X (is the keyboard not working?). So I hit the
power button.

Something else interesting, if I boot up 2.2.6 vmlinux, the keymap is
wrecked (of course, with current settings) but the mouse in the console
works fine.

There must be a setting I have to change. Don't know where to start. Danke.

Any clues? Having the mouse is handy ;).

Thanks all.

BTW, CIV: CTP demo is out!!!! Gotta love Loki Games.


Evan Read

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