Re: MacOS 9 and YD Linux?

Subject: Re: MacOS 9 and YD Linux?
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 10:00:25 MDT

This is a known issue w/ MacOS 9. I believe Ben H, the author of BootX has
a test version of BootX which works around this problem.

Go to:

I believe the fixed version is 1.2b1.


> I just upgraded my rev. 2 B&W G3 to MacOS 9, and now I am unable to boot CS
> 1.1. Every time I try, I receive an error that the root filesystem could
> not be mounted--or something to that effect. After that error, I get a
> kernel panic error and a reboot in 180 seconds. It sounds to me like maybe
> the MacOS 9 installer updated the driver on my Linux drive and YD Linux
> doesn't like it? I don't think the installer should have even touched that
> drive, but who knows.
> In my current setup, I have a 3.2 GB IDE drive with all my linux stuff on
> it in addition to the 12 GB IDE drive that I ordered with my system. Any
> ideas on what might have happened and what I might do to fix it?
> --Until next time.
> Mike Beattie


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