Re: No SCSI disks found during install

Subject: Re: No SCSI disks found during install
From: Raffi Minassian (
Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 10:51:34 MDT

Hi Mark.

I posted the exact same question/issue just a few days ago. When I tried it
however, all drives were formatted as Standard HFS so I dont think the HFS+ has
anything to do with the problem. I think its because the UltraWide SCSI card
isnt being seen for some reason.
Please let me know if you work your way around this. I'll do the same.


Mark Collien wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to install CS 1.1 on a Mac Server G3 (Beige). It has the 2
> stock internal 4.2gb SCSI drives, the first drive has MacOS and is HFS+
> formatedd on it and the second drive is an empty Mac Standard HFS drive.
> When I try to install I get to the point of running fdisk and then I am told
> that there are no SCSI devices found. When I check the menu the SCSI setup
> option is checked off as being a completed step and I am not able to access
> that step from the menu.
> Is having the MacOS in extended format causing the problem? Any suggestions
> as to where to start would be welcome!
> Thanks.
> Mark
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