Can FTP be prevented using /etc/pam.d/login like telnet?

Subject: Can FTP be prevented using /etc/pam.d/login like telnet?
From: Bill Colston (
Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 22:03:08 MDT

>auth required /lib/security/
>auth required /lib/security/ \
> onerr=fail item=user sense=allow file=/etc/loginusers

Wow! Dan's idea above for preventing some users from telneting in works
great.(Thanks again Dan!) I chose to put in only those who are allowed to
telnet into the file. Since this worked so great, is it possible to add
the following to /etc/pam.d/login so that only those users in this file
will be able to use ftp. I will have only a few that will be allowed and
it would be easier if I didn't have to type in a long list of names into
ftpusers. I know very little about PAM so this may be a ridiculous
question.:-> Obviously I will need to spend more time discovering the true
nature of PAM.

auth required /lib/security/
auth required /lib/security/ \
                  onerr=fail item=user sense=allow file=/etc/usersftp

Many thanks once again


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