Re: Want PDF viewer that finds text

Subject: Re: Want PDF viewer that finds text
From: Russ W. Urquhart (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 12:02:40 MDT

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 11:06:06AM -0700, Dick Benster wrote:
> [This is a repost from yesterday, monday 18-Oct-1999. The original never
> showed up on the list for reasons unknown to me - Dick]
> Hi,
> I'm using KGhostview 0.7 to view PDF files, but it has no "find
> text" (search) capability, which severely limits its usefulness for
> monstrous documents. Currently I have been taking my PDF documents
> over to an old NeXT machine that has a fine searchable PDF viewer from
> Omnigroup, but I want this capability on Linux.
> Is there an alternative for YDL linux that does text searching?

Have you tried xpdf? (i haven't tried it in a while, but i seem to recall that
it would allow you to search a pdf file!



> Thanks,
> Dick Benster

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