XFree86 Request

Subject: XFree86 Request
From: Neil Jolly (njolly@home.com)
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 21:57:57 MDT

Hello All:
Given all the problems of late with XFree86, and the fact that there is
a great deal of mystery, and black magic involved in the setup of
XFree86; I'd like to compile information on what works/doesn't work,
supported/unsupported hardware, good tips (things that worked), bad tips
(things that you should never do), and a general set of instructions on
how to setup XFree86 on all the PPC linux distributions. I'd like anyone
who has a working setup running XFree86 to send me (not to the lists)
the following information.

 Disribution of linux you're using
 Version of XFree86 you're using
 Hardware (ie G3 233 Beige Revision 2)
 Video card & memory
 Used Xconfigurator or Xautoconfig
 Resolution & depth acheived
 Relevant tips/tricks to acheive success
 Kernel arguments used
 Video cards that are currently unsupported

After I have received, and processed this information I'll setup a web
page with the results for further discussion. Obviously this will be an
ongoing endeavor, which I'll do my best to maintain. I was tempted to
add "Things you wish you'd never done" to the list, but I'm afraid that
I might open myself to enless horror stories ;-), but if you have some
good things to avoid please include them. Please try to include only
relevant information, as I have limited time availiable, and would like
to get the information up as soon as possible.

Also could someone using MkLinuxPre R1 give me some feedback on the
procedures required to setup XFree86 on MkLinux?


Neil Jolly                          njolly@home.com
(with Yoda-like voice)
"Confrontation leads to anger...  Anger leads to fear...  Fear leads
to using Windows NT in mission-critical combat systems...  And this is
how the ancients fell..."

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