Re: MacOS 9 and YD Linux?

Subject: Re: MacOS 9 and YD Linux?
From: Aaron Levitt (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 08:23:22 MDT

After talking w/some friends running PPC and YDL.. there was problems
after upgrading to OS9. We speculated that linux can't read the new
MBB or some part of the drive changed after the update. The only fix
we came up with was to use a MacOS8.5 or 8.6 install disk and
'update' the drivers back down to one of these. After that, linux
could see the partitions again. Hope this helps.


At 1:40 AM -0700 10/20/99, Tom Tarka took
the time to write:
> Patrik Frisk wrote:
>> I had the same problem but manage to work around it using Benjamin
>> Herrenschmidt´s kernel and uppgrading the BootX to 1.2b1. You can download
>> the kernel and BootX here
> hrm. I installed his kernel, the new BootX Ext. and Cntrl Panel, but still
> no joy for my G4/400. I have tried it with hda=noautotune and without.
> Any ideas?
> -t

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