7200/90 install problem

Subject: 7200/90 install problem
From: Joe Lannom (minstrel@psn.net)
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 20:00:04 MDT

Is there some definative FAQ somewhere about installing YDL 1.1 on
a 7200/90 anywhere? I've searched the net, the old list archives,
everything I can think of and though I found some people mentioning
the same sorts of problems I having, no real solutions...


Here's my setup:

PPC 7200/90
MacOS 8.6 "install for this computer"

YDL 1.1
BootX 1.1.3
kernel 2.2.6-16bpmac

vmlinux in "Linux Kernels" in the system folder
BootX App in Control Panels
*Bootx extension in Extension Panels
ramdisk.image.gz in the System Folder.

All applicable files copied straight off the YDL Install CD.

Install CD in CD drive.


My Symptom:

Bootx comes up, I select "use ramdisk" and "no video driver"

I get the kernel load messages and then it hangs immediately
after printing the "booting..." line.

Same thing occurs if I de-select "no video driver" and take
the tack of setting the number of colors to "at least thousands"
by the kernel flag:


Same sequence of bustication if I let the machine boot to macOS
and run BootX from there.




Much sleep lost.

Can anyone whose gotten this to work give me (and the list) some
advice so that others seeking the same info (there has to be at
least ONE other person out there struggling with this) can finally
go to bed with YDL loaded?

Loads of thanks in advance,


Joe			"If any member of the government did get involved in
minstrel@psn.net	politics, I would regard it as a breach of cabinet
			discipline."  - Boris Yeltzin

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