Re: 7200/90 install problem

Subject: Re: 7200/90 install problem
From: Povl H. Pedersen (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 15:46:32 MDT

> Not that I can recall, but it is very weird that both of you have the same
> problems. Please describe your system specs.
> Regards,
> > I do. Anyone else having these sorts of problems that have been
> > to you guys?

I have the 7200/75, which is very close to the same. The problems I had was,
that I had to disable video in the BootX thingie, and use the platinum in OF
(I was using my ATY,XCLAIM card most of the time though).

The 7200 had strange video problems if you had strange amounts of VRAM in
I know that I had 2 MB instread of the standard 1MB.

I am also sure that I have installed it on a 8200/120 (7200/120 in a 8000
box) without any trouble at all under MacOS 8.6.

So apart from the strange video, which is not supported in OF, I had no

And I will bring one of them up again in the very near future.

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