Re: 2.2.12 Kernel video Woes

Subject: Re: 2.2.12 Kernel video Woes
From: Tom Tarka (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 05:08:18 MDT

Followup: the program i was thinking of is xvidtune. Unfortunately,
I can't
get to using because I'm running into a problem which is almost
(but not quite) answered in the FAQ:

I can't use my USB mouse on my G4. I've edited the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

and changed that over to adb (and can then use the keyboard just fine) but
I can't figure out how to get the mouse to work. Have tried numerous
things, including: running mouseconfig and setting my mouse to be
an ADB mouse, then restarting gpm, doing this in conjunction with linking
/dev/mouse to /dev/adbmouse, just linking /dev/mouse to /dev/adbmouse

Any help would be appreciated.


Tom Tarka wrote:

> Dilemma:
> I have an Apple 17" display on which the resize buttons don't work
> (i.e. i can't resize the displayed area to fit the screen, resulting in
> a
> very tiny "screen" and lots of black space).
> Currently, the displayed area actually fits my monitor almost perfectly,
> but
> when I upgraded to a new 2.2.12 kernel -- which actually supported my
> ATI 128 Card -- I needed to run Xconfigurator and found none of the
> displays to "fit" my screen.
> I know there's some sort of X program that allows you to move your
> "screen" around w/i your display, but the last time I tried it, it
> didn't
> work and I've promptly forgotten what program it was.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> tom

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