Re: An odd problem

Subject: Re: An odd problem
From: Richard Blocker (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 08:15:56 MDT

I have a similar problem on a 7600, but with two Quantum Fireballs. It's
the one that came with the sytem that fails to be detected. (See my post of
10/18.) I haven't heard a peep about how to fix it. If you hear, please
let me know. I'll do the same.


>Well, I've never seen this one before:
> -PMac 8500, Champion Server 1.1, kernel 2.2.12 (upgraded), BootX 1.1.1
> Approximately 4/5 times when I boot, the startup doesn't detect the
>SCSI controller/hard drive (Quantum fireball that came standard with
>PMac), and exits with "kernel panic: could not mount root
>fs". About 20% of the time, however, it works beautifully and the system
>has no detectable quirks or instabilities.The installation routine had the
>exact same problem, but I just kept rebooting
>until it worked.
> The kernel upgrade was an attempt to get around this, but it didn't help.
> Any ideas? This random factor seems REALLY weird to me.

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