Re: install image

Subject: Re: install image
From: John Westgate (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 19:22:30 MDT

What software are you running on the CD burner? If you use Toast, I
believe you should not make it ISO 9660, there's a way to make a CD image,
do that. That's how I made mine from a download, installed on a beige G3,
onto a separate drive. There's instructions on how to do this with Toast
on the MKLinux FTP site.

>I downloaded the installer image, opened it up (created a disk called "PPC")
>and burned it as an ISO 9660 cdrom. But, when I boot into the installer and
>tell it to install from a local CDRom nothing happens. Well, the CD drive
>lights flash as it accesses the drive, but the installer never comes back
>with anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone successfully
>burned and used the image from the yellowdog ftp site? Oh, I'm on a
>PPC8500/132/96MB with a Yamaha CRW4416s internal CDRW, and am trying to
>install on an external Quantam Fireball 1280.

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