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Subject: Re: install image
From: John Westgate (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 11:07:56 MDT

These are the instructions I used to burn a CD on a MAC with Toast:

There have been an increasing number of reports of people downloading this
CD image, burning their CDROM incorrectly, and having the installation fail
with the now infamous "bootstrap task cannot find config file" error.

The CDROM image is a RAW IMAGE! Do not create an ISO-9660 disk and put
one gigantic file in it. Do not create a HFS disk and put one gigantic
file in it. Do not "mount" the image, create a HFS disk and copy
individual files to it.

If you use the program "Toast" on the Mac, do not "mount" the image. The
process of mounting it will alter the image's contents. To use Toast with
this image, go to the "Format" menu, and choose "Disc Image". Then use the
"Data..." button to select the file. Avoid the "Mount" button.

>I just used the image file with no special options. The disk label is
>"YellowDog_Install" (I did not give it thhis name) and the root
>directory contains the following:
>The items in ALL CAPS are text files, the rest are directories. This
>disk mounts under MacOS just by sticking it in the CD drive. Any chance
>you made an HFS CD? This would NOT work for an install.
>"Hamlin R. Krewson" wrote:
>> Wrote it in macos using Toast 3.5.5. Opened the image using Disk Copy 6.3.2.
>> I can access the disk just fine in MacOS, the installer just hangs at that
>> point (looking for the disk).
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