Scripting command differences?

Subject: Scripting command differences?
From: Jeff Ross (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 13:21:16 MDT

Hi all,

I suppose this is more a linux question than a Yellow Dog question, but here
goes anyway.

I'm taking a unix class at my local community college over the 'net. Until
now, I've been able to do my homework on YDL and e-mail my assignments to
the instructor. This save me having to telnet in to the college's linux
box, which can be overloaded and very slow to respond, or even off-line.

Everything went great until I got to scripting. There is at least one
command difference that I've found so far between what's available in the
bash shell of YDL and what the college has under Red Hat Linux 6.0 (Hedwig),
Kernel 2.2.5-15 on an i686.

YDL gives me read -p, which prints a prompt string and accepts input into a
variable. The -p isn't available on RHL.

Well, scratch my "A" in the class! Two scripts that ran fine here crashed

Is this sort of difference common amongst the linii? Are there going to be
more of these differences I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Ross

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