Re: Scripting command differences?

Subject: Re: Scripting command differences?
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 13:54:32 MDT

Jeff Ross <> said:
> Everything went great until I got to scripting. There is at least one
> command difference that I've found so far between what's available in the
> bash shell of YDL and what the college has under Red Hat Linux 6.0 (Hedwig),
> Kernel 2.2.5-15 on an i686.
> YDL gives me read -p, which prints a prompt string and accepts input into a
> variable. The -p isn't available on RHL.

Are you running bash on Red Hat? I just tried "read -p" after running "bash"
under Red Hat 6 and it worked fine. i did it like this:

    % bash
    $ read -p prompt var
    prompthi there
    $ echo $var
    hi there

It may just be that you aren't running bash at school..


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