Re: Scripting command differences?

Subject: Re: Scripting command differences?
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 11:32:41 MDT

Jeff Ross's bits of Tue, 26 Oct 1999 translated to:

> YDL gives me read -p, which prints a prompt string and accepts input into a
> variable. The -p isn't available on RHL.

I believe -p was an addition to bash 2.x. You can type bash -version on
each of the machines to see what version of bash they are using. And there
may well be other such difference between different distributions or even
different versions of the same distribution. In the future it would be
best to check versions of any tool that your work will depend on; generally
there is a -v, -version, --version, etc. command line option that will
give you the information you need.


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