Re: Newbie questions

Subject: Re: Newbie questions
From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 02:34:24 MDT

Paul Greene wrote:

> I have some experience with Linux on Intel based computers but never on Mac
> hardware. What are the pros and cons of using Mac/Linux vs. Intel/Linux?

> And what about software? i.e. can you run any application written for Linux
> on a Mac (for instance Word Perfect or Star Office)? or do you need to have
> something compiled specifically for Yellowdog?

You need to have it compiled specifically for the PowerPC chip, not for
Yellowdog itself. You'll find a lot of commercial software is only
available for Linux Intel, but as any software that is available in
source form (and a lot of the most useful stuff is) will be available
for any architecture, either as a PPC RPM or as source you compiled

For your purposes (email server, etc) pretty much all the software that
matters is available as source, so using a PPC box shouldn't be a


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