Re: One monitor, two computers?

Subject: Re: One monitor, two computers?
From: Jason P. Stanford (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 13:59:56 MDT

  I've got SSH on the YDL box now. It's just there there are times, when
you need console access. At least in the early stages of configuring and
debugging the server(s). Actually, this begs the question of whether
it's okay to physically remove and/or add a monitor cable connection to
the computer while it's powered up. I assume this is a huge no-no, but
then again it's never been necessary to do so.
  Never used MacX...

Urs Hochstrasser wrote:
> Hi,
> Jason wrote:
> > Is there a way I can share my 20" (beige) Apple Colorsync monitor
> >between a Blue & White G3 (running MacOS) and a Beige G3/300 running
> >YDL? Some sort of switch? What about the ADB port on the monitor? Please
> >help! (I don't have enough desktop space for both computers *and* two
> >monitors... And the fact that I hardly ever work directly on the YDL
> >server, but need it occasionally).
> If you just want to use the console, you could install SSH on the YDL
> box, run it without a monitor at all and acces it with NiftyTelnet
> (with SSH), so you can log in as root. I do this with my 7100 MkLinux
> box all the time...
> If you find out how to use SSH tunneling with a Max X client program,
> tell me. It would probably be great fun...
> Cheers
> --Urs
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