Re: One monitor, two computers?

Subject: Re: One monitor, two computers?
From: Dan Delaney (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 14:00:20 MDT

On 10/28/99 3:52 PM, Don Arbow wrote:
> I bought a switch box (for about $50) that has three Mac monitor ports (DB25)
> on the back.

First of all, the Apple monitor ports are DB15s, not DB25s. Second, you paid
WAY too much for that box. If you live in a city which has the MarketPro
computer shows every month, I suggest you go to one of them and get yourself
either a DB15 switch box, or a sub-DB15 box (the kind that all PCs and the
new Macs with ATI cards use). You can usually find them there for $10 to
$20. You'll also need to get an extra monitor cable which you should be able
to find there for very cheap as well. If you buy these same items from a
store, you'll end up paying well over double the price (as Don did).


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