Re: Basic Services Setup

Subject: Re: Basic Services Setup
From: Jason P. Stanford (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 17:58:18 MDT


   I had been using Wu-FTP and ProFTP on my server, but there were too
many security updates. I ended up downloading, compiling and installing
the OpenBSD ftp server. It's worked just fine. The only thing "missing"
is a dedicated /var/log/xferlog file -- however all connections are
logged into /var/log/secure, so it's not that big a deal. Also, I don't
allow anonymous ftp connections (with the OpenBSD ftp server you need
create a user 'ftp' and set up a few things).


P.S. oh, you may need to make a file for PAM in /etc/pam.d...

Patrick Larkin wrote:
> Hello:
> I installed YDL 1.1
> Apparently, the software installed and by default, set telnet and ftp
> disabled. I went into /etc/inetd.conf and uncommented the ftp and
> telnet lines. I restarted and am able to telnet just fine but FTP still
> doesnt work.
> Before I uncommented the FTP line, I got a Server Refused Connection
> message. Now, Fetch gives me:
> Error: The server dropped the connection. (Server may be too busy)
> >From a command line FTP, I get the message:
> 'Service not available, remote server has closed connection'
> I dont know what to do. Was editing the /etc/inetd/conf enough? I need
> FTP but I really dont need telnet. Help if you can.
> P.

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