Re: B&W G3 Modem support?

Subject: Re: B&W G3 Modem support?
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 23:19:57 MDT

Scott Wood wrote:

> Does YDL have support for the internal modem in the B&W G3's? It doesn't seem
> to be accessible as a normal serial port (/dev/ttyS?). Am I missing something
> or does the modem interface require its own driver?


Have you been trying to access the modem as root, or from a regular user account?
Not sure about the YDL defaults, but with some distributions you have to play
games with permissions and owners in order to use the modem from a non-root
account. Unless you have already tried it, you might want to start by trying to
access the modem from the root account.

To the best of my knowledge, modems supported under Linux do not need any special
drivers. Then again, I am new to YDL and don't really know anything about B&Ws so
I could be wrong.

Jim Cole

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