Re: Making Champion CD

Subject: Re: Making Champion CD
From: Christopher F. Baum (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 06:38:39 MDT

I did buy a 1.0 CD, but by the time my BnW came through I found that I
could not use the 1.0 CD for much but a drinks coaster. So I installed 1.1
by ftping the two files (new kernel and ramdisk) from yellowdog, then in
the installer used FTP from one of the many sites that provide the full
distribution (yellowdog was not answering pings that AM, so I used UIUC).
It went jes fine after I heeded all those little notes on the last page of
the 1.1 pdf (technotes), and it ran for 12 days until our many-Kv cable
powering the campus blew--as did the backup. Can't blame that on Linux!

Kit Baum
Boston College Economics

--On Thu, Sep 9, 1999 11:50 PM -0400 David Barnum <>

> I saw something on the ftp site about making a Champion 1.1 CD I think
> is is possible to download all the 1.1 files and make my own install
> CD? I am not trying to rip anyone off I swear I bought 1.0 and wanted
> to upgrade but I am not rich
> Dave

Kit Baum

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