Update (was G3 PB video acceleration)

Subject: Update (was G3 PB video acceleration)
From: Aaron Levitt (aaron@ultimatewisdom.com)
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 09:19:50 MDT

Well all.. I pretty much gave up on trying to get the kernel arguments for
accelerated graphics to work with 2.2.10. No matter what I put in there..
I got the same result. I tried other people's suggestions about checking
my mac side.. and also a new XF86Config file to no avail. As soon as I put
in the new kernel arguments my screen had these real strange effects and I
never got through a complete boot. I even tried building my own kernel
from the steps given from various other emails on the list, which failed at
the make vmlinux stage.

Finally, I ended up switching to Xpmac. It uses my accelerated graphics
with no problems what so ever. It solves all the problems I was having,
the speed in X is unbelievable, X doesnt crash when it is unattended for
more than about 5 minutes, and all my applications work, including Lyx. I
still dont use any extra kernel arguments and the box with "No Video
Drivers" stays checked, everything works nicely. This seemed to be a quick
and easy fix.

On a final note regarding Star Office, I d/led it, but I couldnt get it to
compile. Not sure why exactly. If I have time, I may play with it a bit
more. But Gnome is coming out with another office suite that looks smaller
and of course is completely free. Only parts of it have been released at
this point, but it looks very promising. For more info check out

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