Re: xmms on a B&W G3

Subject: Re: xmms on a B&W G3
From: Brian K Lamb (
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 08:06:26 MDT

Yep, It happens to me every so often. Killing the process, then any
.esd_auth files, exiting xwin and coming back in usually clears it up for
me just fine though.


On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Michael Messano wrote:

> I also have had problems with xmms. It was working
> beautifully for a little while, and now it coughs every time I try to
> play a file. On the other hand, X11amp works great on the exact same
> files. All other routes to create sound (cdplay, mpg123, etc) also
> work fine. I have noticed that, at times, esd will start up with a
> "stale unix socket found indicating esd is already running", and
> sound becomes erratic after this. This occurs consistently, even
> from reboot. Can you confirm/deny? This has been bugging me, and
> upgrading esound did not help.
> Michael
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