Re: xmms on a B&W G3

Subject: Re: xmms on a B&W G3
From: Brian K Lamb (
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 09:11:11 MDT

Depends. If I'm in runmode 5, just a logout to XDM and back in works. if
I'm in runmode 3 (usually) I do a complete exit out of X. Basically I am
just wanting to stop all the gnome/enlightenment stuff and restart it
clean. It's probably overkill, but it's worked so far.

> When you say xwin, what, exactly, do you mean? Do you mean
> exiting out of X in general, and restarting the server? I have
> checked my process list, and xwin isn't directly running, and
> xwininfo doesn't give me anything useful to go on.
> Michael
> Windows is not the answer. Windows is the question.
> : The answer is No.

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