Re: windowmaker

Subject: Re: windowmaker
From: Aaron Levitt (
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 17:49:36 MDT

>> So my question is, were does the windowmaker rpm looks for these lib files,
>> so that I can install and use Windowmaker? (Gnome crashed every five min or
>> so...)
>> thank you

I am running the latest Window Maker on my G3 PB. .60 to be exact. If you
use a new WM.. make sure you install the newest libproplist as well, I am
using 0.8.3. I got the source from as well as the WM
tarball. After you install libproplist.. make sure you do an 'ldconfig'
and ensure the path is in your (you will get an error when you
try to set WM with out it.

You shouldnt need to link anything. If you just use the default installs
of both of these.. there shouldn't be any problems.

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