Re: Java for yellowdog??

Subject: Re: Java for yellowdog??
From: David P. Riedel (
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 11:36:22 MDT


where did you install your java and what does your PATH statement look like? i
just installed java on my ydl and it works fine.

did you install the development packages? the linker should be there..

dave riedel

simon warrington wrote:

> I have installed jdk117 on my yellowdog linux box and set the appropriate
> CLASSPATH and PATH variables. However, when I go to compile any code or run
> the java command I keep getting an error stating that javac etc. can't be
> found?????
> Does YellowDog even support Java???
> Also, I'm trying to install Websphere on the same machine and when I try to
> execute the following command;
> rpm -i IBMWs...rpm I get an error message stating that the main linker
> is missing??
> Is yellowDog linux not the same as the globally accepted "linux"???
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