Sound woes, B&W rev 2

Subject: Sound woes, B&W rev 2
From: Nathan T Hjelm (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 00:28:05 MDT

I have had linux on by B&W for some time now, and have tried everything to
get the internal speaker to play, but today I ran into somthing
interesting...... it seems that if I run gmix it says check if sound is
enabled in the kernel (it is) and asmixer gives an error that it cannot
read from /dev/mixer.... and in aumix it gives this for speaker vol
R+++O+++L+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Spkr O+++++++++++++++++++++++++
and it remains that way no matter how I try to change it :(

Nathan Hjelm
MS B288 T-6: Theoretical Astrophysics
Blg: 123 Rm 183
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