Re: yellowdoglinux on 43p-120

Subject: Re: yellowdoglinux on 43p-120
From: Steve Scherbinski (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 05:46:01 MDT

Not having a 43p-120 around here, I don't know for sure, but looking through the 43p-140 service manual, which came with the machine, at the end of chapter six (Loading the system diagnostics) is a summary table of boot options and control keys. You may want to try to find that and look for a key that selects the Open Firmware command line. Is the 120 a Micro-Channel bus machine or does it have a pci bus?

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>>> carlino <> 09/23 6:51 AM >>>
Steve Scherbinski wrote:


I tried this, as stated in the yellowdoglinux rs6000 installation webpage, but with
no luck.

It seems that the F8 key don't work in the 43p-120.



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