dir colors

Subject: dir colors
From: Aaron Levitt (aaron@ultimatewisdom.com)
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 00:38:17 MDT

Ok.. here is one for the list. I want to change my ls colors.
According to all the information I have been able to get my hands
on.. the colors are defined in /etc/DIR_COLORS, then if you copy that
to ~/.dir_colors you can further tweak colors as you see fit. Is
there any reason this won't work under YDL??

If I do ls --color or ls --color=tty then I get some colors but not
everything. Dirs are blue (as in the default /etc/DIR_COLORS and it
makes anything with an 'x' green but.. everything else is plain
white. The archives aren't red and the image files aren't magenta.

Anyone have any suggestions??


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