Re: ORB drive Partition Map

Subject: Re: ORB drive Partition Map
From: Stu Parker (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 17:32:47 MDT

I have tried both singly and all different combinations of the two. The
fdisc installer will write to the drives partition map but it will not read
it at boot.

Again, at the initial boot into the installer there is a line saying that
the map partition can not be read. Same at the end after the install. It
will allow me to change the partitions in fdisc and assign root and swap and
write the packages to disc but the map is not read at boot.

Pulling my hair out over this one.


> Did you make the Linux partitions via a MacOS tool or the installer's?
>> Any idea why YDL is not recognizing the map (yes I have root and swap and
>> usr configed correctly.) YDL install reads map in fdisc as created in FWB,
>> but not at boot.
> Dan
> Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
> Yellow Dog Linux
> "The Ultimate Companion for a Dedicated Server"

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