Re: Mailing list & Digest info

Subject: Re: Mailing list & Digest info
From: Rich Lafferty (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 17:44:24 MDT

Quoting Dan Burcaw ( from Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 05:00:23PM -0600:
> Hey all,
> So i've looked into adding digest support to the mailing list.
> Unfortunatly, I can't just modify the list, ezmlm seems to require that
> digests are setup when the list is created. (I know how to do this).
> Soo.. if we're going to work to improve the mailing lists, here's what I
> propose...

I like this. I'd go as far as to moderate yellowdog-security; make it
an announcement list instead of a discussion list (which might even be
what you intended).


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